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We are pleased to announce the topic of the 2020 issue of our journal:


The broad notion of human enhancement refers to a widening array of biotechnological interventions – existing, emerging, and visionary – which can bring improvement (or alteration) to human capacities and characteristics, or even create new ones. This situation is unique since it challenges many key concepts, norms, and values usually taken for granted, as well as political and cultural visions for our future communities. For the first time in human history the technological progress seems to really promise to set us free (or to set some of us free) from the fundamental constraints imposed by our shared human nature – susceptibility to disease, the standard set of cognitive capacities, sensory equipment, emotional states, and even our mortality. Briefly, we may be at the threshold of a new age, one in which we will be capable of designing, modifying, controlling, and manipulating ourselves and the future generations.

Discourse on enhancement is split according to the varying degree of its acceptance: some loathe such a future and warn that it threatens our dignity, values, and authenticity; others enthusiastically embrace it, firmly believing that this is not only the single path towards the survival of humanity but that it promises less human suffering. These diverse reactions and the broad pro and con ideologies resting upon them notwithstanding, the enhancement is already here and is likely to stay. And it faces us with a whole range of new issues in diverse fields – science, philosophy, social and political science, bioethics, future studies, law, etc. The metaphysical, political, social, and moral contradictions that beset the enhancement project and its repercussions have made it a current hotly debated topic and one of the most significant areas of philosophical interest.

This forthcoming issue of Balkan Journal of Philosophy strives to provide an opportunity for further discussion of the following issues: Physical enhancement: merging man and machine? Cognitive enhancement: thinking out of the head? Mood enhancement: personal identity and authenticity; Moral enhancement: preventing the ultimate harm? Human enhancement and AI: the singularity is near? The boundary between enhancement and therapy: sustained or abandoned? The social implications of human enhancement: dignity and equality; Achieving immortality: is living longer living better? Transhumanism: dangerous idea or the new anthropological ideal? Technopolitics: enhancement as a political stake.

Submitted papers should not exceed 8,000 words (including references, a short abstract of about 150 words, and a short list of keywords). Papers should be sent to the journal’s email address at:

The deadline for papers is November 30, 2019.

This special issue will appear in 2020.


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